Professional Women in Building

Joyce Therrien
Builders Insurance Group, Inc.
Michelle Soares
Builders Insurance Group, Inc.
Tina Caldwell
Caldwell & Johnson, Inc.
Mary Cool
California Closets/Creative Closets
Christine Engustian
Christine J. Engustian, Attorney at Law
Attorney/ LEED AP/ General Counsel to RI Builders Assoc'n
Sophia Karvunis
Closets Etc. LLC
Lori Moschetti
Consolidated Concrete Corp.
Carol O'Donnell
CRM Modular Homes
Katie Whitney
Davitt Design Build, Inc.
Kristen Longo
DiStefano Brothers Construction, Inc.
Jessica Storm Coyle
Ed Wojcik Architect, Ltd.
Diane Fagan
Door Systems Inc. d/b/a Fagan Door Systems
Kimberly Homs
Great In Counters
Linda Bohmbach
Home Healthsmith
Co-Founder & Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Erin Hockensmith
Kelly, Souza & Parmenter PC
Barbara Jones
Ken Jones Construction, Inc.
Jeanine Lantini
Lighting & Design by J&K Electric
Maureen Marcantonio
Marcantonio Design Builders
Anne Marshall
Marshall Building & Remodeling Co.
Maria Fratiello
National Building Products
Director of Human Resources
Dean gets event invoices
Mary Jane Robillard
National Building Products
Lisa Zompa
National Building Products
Cheryl Boyd
P.S.I. Property Maintenance LLC
Jacqueline Pagel
Pella Windows, Inc.
Katleen Reid
Reid's Remodeling Inc.
Office Manager
Jean Ryan
Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP
JoAnn Erven
Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP
Senior Accountant
Angela Chiperas
Smithfield Plumbing & Htg. Supply
Gina Colaluca
Smithfield Plumbing & Htg. Supply
Chelsea Pots
Washington Trust Company
Retail Flex Banker
Shannon Barney
Northeast Kitchen & Flooring Center LLC
Lora Schalow
Pariseault Builders Inc
Pamela Fatone
PFNY Designs
Joelle Rocha
Duffy & Sweeney Ltd.
Kristen Vivier
Bridgewater Construction LLC
Heather Capelle
Ramjack New England
Kylie Araujo
Home Healthsmith
Christine Listenberger
Home Healthsmith